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Posted by Matty @ 2006-06-04 21:09:50
* General_Crespin shoots all.
* Om retaliates
* General_Crespin shields.
* Om re-retaliates
* General_Crespin didn't attack.
* Om was having another go at successfully relatiating at the shooting
* General_Crespin is retaliated against.
* General_Crespin waves the purple flag.
* Om waves a rather attractive pink one
* General_Crespin waves a more attractive vermillion one.
* Om waves a blue one with a silver dolphin
* General_Crespin waves a black one with a dark blue star.
* Om waves a transparent sherwood green one with tassels
* General_Crespin waves a diaphanous purple one with a fringe.
* Om waves a tattered magical skull and crossbones
* General_Crespin waves a spork.
* General_Crespin wins.
* Om loses :(