How to make friends and influence people
  • This is a net for the people, and your suggestions matter. Please talk to an op on #chatspike if you have any suggestions, please dont be afraid to ask!
  • Don't be lame. This includes threatening or abusing people, flooding, spamming asking to be an oper and other things too. These Activities Will get you banned from the network, and/or any involved channels dropped, closed or forbidden at the opers discretion. Bitching about such bans won't improve the situation, and only succeeds in annoying us more.
  • Bouncers and proxies are allowed, but not open ones.
  • The decision of IRCops is final. We reserve the right to disconnect you at any time without reason or warning - remember IRC is a privilege not a right!
  • Any problems, go to #chatspike and ask an op.
  • Be nice to the people around you and have fun!
  • This network and its owners/staff are in no way responsible for the actions of users on this network, in any way shape or form.
  • By connecting to this network you agree to all terms within this message of the day, regardless of wether you have read this text, and agree to any sanctions taken against you for violation of the server/network rules. If you do not understand these terms, you should not use this network.
  • We do not condone law breaking of any kind and (where appropriate) will take measures to eliminate any such behaviour on our network. All Responsibility for such actions lies with the channel owner (where one exists) or with the channel operators. Examples of such behaviour which will usually cause instant removal from our network include but are not limited to:
    • Trading in anime licensed in america (e.g. where its copyright owner does not condone its use)
    • Creation of hacking or credit card trading channels, or xxx password channels
    • Creation of pirate software (warez) channels where the copyright owner has not abandoned their claim to copyright on the titles being traded
  • The ChatSpike administrative staff may change these policies at any time, at their discretion. You are expected to regularly read these rules and keep yourself informed about them.

Last updated: 23rd August 2009