How to spread the love

So what is LoveServ?

NOTE: LoveServ is temporarily unavailable due to network maintenance.
LoveServ is a special service written for the ChatSpike network (no, we don't use the NeoStats one) which allows users to send lovenotes, flowers, and hugs to other users. It serves no serious purpose at all, and if it bugs you, you should place it on your ignore.

How do I use it?

To use LoveServ, simply type the following command:
/ls rose {nick}
Remembering to replace {nick} with the nick of the user you want to send a rose to. As if by magic, loveserv will message the user to tell them they have a rose! Great huh?

Does it only send roses?

No, loveserv will send lots of things from roses, to chocolates to apologies! Type the following command for a list:
/ls help

Of course you can obtain individual help on a command with:
/ls help {command}

for example
/ls help rose

What if someone floods me with it?

If this happens simply change your nick while being flooded. All unsuccessful commands are logged on an oper channel (e.g. if you try to /loveserv a channel, a server, or a service, or a nick that isnt online). After doing this there will be evidence for an oper who is in the channel to take action and remedy the issue.

Have fun!