How to work the channel management service

The following commands can be used with ChanServ:

REGISTER Register a channel
IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password
SENDPASS Send a channel's password to you
DROP Cancel the registration of a channel
SET Set channel options and information
UNSET Clear channel information
INFO Show channel options and information
ACCESS Maintain the overall channel access list
LEVELS Fine-tune channel access levels
SOP Maintain the SuperOp list
AOP Maintain the AutoOp list
VOP Maintain the AutoVoice list
HOP Maintain the AutoHalfop list
OP Give a user chanop status (+o)
DEOP Remove chanop status (+o)
VOICE Give a user voice status (+v)
DEVOICE Remove voice status (+v)
HALFOP Give a user halfop status (+h)
DEHALFOP Remove halfop status (+h)
PROTECT Give a user protected status (+a)
DEPROTECT Remove protected status (+a)
INVITE Invite yourself to a channel
UNBAN Unban yourself from a channel
KICK Kick a user from a channel
TOPIC Change a channel's topic