How to register and manage your nickname

The following commands can be used with NickServ:

REGISTER Register a nickname
IDENTIFY Identify yourself with your password
SENDPASS Send your password to your E-mail address
DROP Cancel the registration of a nickname
GROUP Link another nickname to your own
UNGROUP Cancel a linked nickname
INFO Get various info on a nickname/account
AJOIN Modify your autojoin list
SET Set options, including kill protection
RELEASE Regain custody of your nickname after RECOVER
GHOST Disconnect a "ghost" session
INFO Display information on a nickname
LIST List all nicknames matching a given mask
LISTEMAIL List nicknames by E-mail address
LISTCHANS List all channels you have access to
ACC Check whether a given nickname is identified
VACATION Set vacation mode if you're away for over a month
WHOIS Give yourself a special line in /whois