Frequently asked questions

  • Why is ChanServ in my channel?

    ChanServ can inhabit your channel for various reasons. You may turn this on or off by using "/cs set #channel guard on/off". Putting ChanServ into your channel gives the following advantages to the channel:

    • You may use 'fantasy' commands in-channel, e.g. "!kick nickname"
    • Statistics will be stored and given in /cs info
    • Your channel banlists etc will be held when the channel is empty

  • How do I put ChanServ in my channel?

    Use "/cs set #channel guard on"

  • I want ChanServ in my channel but I do not want !fantasy commands. Can i turn just the fantasy commands off?

    Yes, simply use the command: "/cs set #channel fantasy off".

  • Why do some people have cool stuff in their WHOIS?

    Try "/ns set whois is a cool dude".

  • What's with all these channel flags? I dont understand!

    You may still use access levels if you wish. You may do this for example by:
    /cs flags #channel nick SOP
    To add an SOP to your channel.

  • I can't use any /cs set options

    Issue the following command:
    /cs flags #channel yournick +s
    This will allow your nickname to use any /cs set options.

  • How do I identify for my nickname when I am not using it

    Simple; instead of /ns id password, use /ns id yournick password. You only need to do this if your current nick is not a nick in that nick group.

  • How do I link nicks?

    Firstly identify to your account if you have not already. Secondly, change to the new nickname and simply type "/ns group". No need to specify passwords, as you are already identified!

  • I can't change to my nick, as I get an error about it being reserved.

    You must release your nick first, this is a protection mechanism. Use "/ns release yournick yourpassword" to release the nick, then change to it and identify.