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#1174 (-2)
Posted by Majic @ 2007-08-19 06:26:50
07:23:58 this.join = new Join("Yakitori", [email protected], #inspircd);
07:24:00 // "+v Yakitori" by ChanServ
07:24:09 Yakitori ls
07:24:18 Yakitori hlp
07:24:21 Yakitori help
07:24:25 Yakitori dr
07:24:26 Adremelech ....
07:24:26 Yakitori cd
07:24:30 Yakitori cd
07:24:36 this.part = new Part(Yakitori, [email protected], "");
07:24:39 Adremelech wtf
07:25:35 pLaYa lol
07:26:13 Majic|Irssi ahahaha
#266 (1)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 19:24:55
<@typobox43> .. *hides*
* Craig-Away follows typo
<+kujoe> * Craig-Away follows typo <-- for what?
<+kujoe> :P
* peddaluxe points at typo to show everyone where hes hiding
<+Alpheous> wayhay!
<@Craig-Away> none of your buisness ;D
<@typobox43> kujoe, this is a family-friendly channel
#1180 (1)
Posted by Tarwen @ 2007-09-13 05:17:24
[05:12:58] <Riv_Griffen> lol, a chick could sneeze near me and I'd prob cum :P

*would pay to see that*
#395 (-1)
Posted by [OPA]spaceRaptor @ 2005-01-04 19:41:05
<shockwaver> I want to do a thread
<shockwaver> where I post interviews with some of the DG legends, ppl who have been here for a long time
<shockwaver> and who can speak of interesting events(wars)
<shockwaver> and interesting ppl
<[OPA]spaceRaptor> i have to think of storys
<[OPA]spaceRaptor> i know several, but not every story should be made public:P
<shockwaver> I'll ask you of famous events :p
<shockwaver> tell me about the first sex of zedd!
<shockwaver> tell now
<[OPA]spaceRaptor> rotfl
#1580 (0)
Posted by doll_licca @ 2011-03-13 03:03:06
[20:54] <Doll_Licca> So, what does "wunderbare" mean, anyway?
[20:54] <ElderKain> i think it's like Wonder Bear but spelled differently
[20:56] * Doll_Licca looks at the Germans sitting around in the channel
[20:56] <ElderKain> ah i see
[20:57] <ElderKain> Google translate says it translates to wonderful
[20:57] <ElderKain> from german to english
[20:58] <Doll_Licca> You trust Google Translate?
[20:59] <ElderKain> lol, i put it in with detect language and that was the only result and it was greman so that must be it, lol
[21:02] <TheDeath> hehe
[21:02] <TheDeath> for single words its cool
#975 (1)
Posted by Zarrexaij @ 2006-10-18 01:50:58
<Zarrexaij> Mil
<Mil_HumptiedDumptied> Yesh ??
<Zarrexaij> Do you want to touch my e-wang?
<Mil_HumptiedDumptied> :D Why, naturally
<Zarrexaij> Star? Ratwar? Epy? IdleServ?
<Ratwar> Whaty?
*** Nanu has joined #banked
<Zarrexaij> wb Nanu
<Nanu> Hey.
<Ratwar> not really.
<Zarrexaij> Want to touch my e-wang? :/
* Nanu touches it.
<Star> OMG
<Star> AND WET
<Star> :O
* Mil_HumptiedDumptied touches the rather huge, intimidating e-wang
<Mil_HumptiedDumptied> no, actually :\
<Mil_HumptiedDumptied> some 28" and pulsing
<Zarrexaij> 28.5", actually
* Nanu touches the 2'4", pulsing e-penis.
* Nanu touches the 2'4.5", pulsing e-penis.
* Mil_HumptiedDumptied breaks his brain due to Inches->Milimeters conversion ><

Everyone, except Ratwar, wants to touch my ginormous e-wang.
#14 (-1)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 17:40:19
(+Hmzaniac): yeah. cow's got a huuge coke. he got the 0.75 liter version.
(+Alfred): i wish my coke was as big as cows
(+Alfred): i want cows coke in my mouth!!!!
#1327 (4)
Posted by w00t @ 2009-08-11 16:07:24
08/[email protected]:55:19 <#chatspike/+Lowlife> hmm
08/[email protected]:55:24 <#chatspike/+Lowlife> you want me to type what?
08/[email protected]:55:38 <#chatspike/+Lowlife> :p
08/[email protected]:55:38 <#chatspike/+X-Ception> a guide on avoiding irc perverts

Poor Lowie... :(
#1039 (4)
Posted by Majic @ 2006-12-21 04:13:32
[20:12] * FrostyCoolSlug creates a new windows user called 'I like solitaire' so when people come on in the morning, they know where to click :D
#539 (3)
Posted by Beer @ 2005-12-23 09:23:12
<Beer> I've seen people join with worse things said after.
<w00t> indeed, like me yelling out something about my penis. think i remember that happening once..
<AttackOfTheCold> wha how small it is ?
<AttackOfTheCold> that teh thing you yelled out ?
<[BRC]Mantis> that would be quite a boast :/
<w00t> AttackOfTheCold, it's not that small :/
<AttackOfTheCold> lmao
<w00t> wait.
<Beer> but it's small though? ;p
<w00t> i'm justifying my penis size in #chatspike
<w00t> WTF.
<[BRC]Mantis> w00t always used those pills he orders from his junk mail
* w00t shuts up.
<AttackOfTheCold> lmao
<cheeky_chick> lol
<w00t> I don't need to do this, except in PM
<w00t> :p

shortly after...

<AttackOfTheCold> w00t stop wanking... and get with the program
<cheeky_chick> lol
<w00t> I'm not wanking, I'm programming :p
<AttackOfTheCold> lol
<w00t> there's a slight but subtle difference!
<cheeky_chick> lmao
<w00t> one involves playing with your penis, the other involves playing with your ego :p
<AttackOfTheCold> o.0
<Beer> isn't that the same for some people w00t? ;p
<AttackOfTheCold> w00t program me up ah hack0r for
<w00t> AttackOfTheCold, working on inspircd at the moment
<w00t> Beer, :P
<[BRC]Mantis> ah blimey
<AttackOfTheCold> >,<
<w00t> my penis is as BIG as my ego, so yeah.
<w00t> ...
<w00t> I really need to STFU.
<Beer> lmao
<AttackOfTheCold> your ego must be tiny then
<AttackOfTheCold> lol
* w00t attacks AttackOfTheCold with a large rubber strapon

(obviously too small to use it as a weapon as

and not too long after again....

<Beer> i still think the quote of ib talking about his hardon was better
--> Ishamael ([email protected]) has joined #chatspike
--- w00t gives voice to Ishamael
<AttackOfTheCold> nice thing u added to the bottom
<w00t> hardons totally own
<w00t> though
<AttackOfTheCold> o.0
<w00t> ..
* w00t just shuts up