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#49 (3)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 17:48:35
<DarkMaster> Sporks, do yer thing
<Sporks> DarkMaster: excuse me?
<DarkMaster> Sporks, be Brain`!
<Sporks> DarkMaster: what?
<DarkMaster> Sporks, be Brain
<Sporks> DarkMaster: huh?
<DarkMaster> Sporks, be useless as you always are
<Sporks> OK, DarkMaster.
<DarkMaster> O_O
#679 (3)
Posted by Ib @ 2005-10-12 08:47:55
<w00t> oh my god
<w00t> what a WANKER this guy is!
<w00t> hm, i doubt intelligence has anything to do with it. rather, there will never be a time in my life when I need to speak dutch to advance economically, socially or culturally. You, however, learn English because you know the world revolves around that language
<w00t> hence, learning dutch is a waste of time. I'd rather speak gibberish.
<w00t> with a username like 'American' I can hardly blame him for being suck a tosser
<w00t> *such
--- [OPA]Garak is now known as [OPA]Garakaway
<Ib3N> erm.
<Ib3N> suck a tosser?
<w00t> yeah.. i corrected myself!
#1319 (2)
Posted by Lowlife @ 2009-07-14 02:43:09
[03:26] <%Majic> :]
[03:27] <+zzz> Prompt please where to download your services ?
[03:27] <%Katie> What?
[03:27] <%Majic> What services? :)
[03:28] <+Gamelife>
[03:28] <+zzz> thanks
[03:28] <+Gamelife> my pleasure
[03:28] <%Katie> Gamelife: No.
[03:28] <%Majic> wat.
[03:28] <+dz> lmao
I'm the only person awesome enough to post his own quotes
#9 (2)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 17:39:17
<Marie> I tend to bite/suck on pens and stuff ... sheesh :p
<MrBOFH> penomeone on jerry springer that looks like u
<Dr_Kevorkian> which one?
<Cow> one in the pink
<Marie> do I even wanna ask? :p
<Dr_Kevorkian> is that the one where everyone is chanting \'slut\' ?
#705 (1)
Posted by Surfer @ 2005-12-08 23:55:09
[08:05:32] <+invi`> when people drop the soap, why would you bend from the waist?
[08:05:44] <+invi`> if you're that stupid you deserve to get bum raped
[08:06:14] <+SleepsWhileYouWork> If you bent yours knees you'd get it orally invi`.
[08:06:23] <+SleepsWhileYouWork> You'd get it either way.
[08:06:24] <+invi`> at least you can close your mouth
#674 (0)
Posted by Damien @ 2005-10-07 12:01:33
<[BRC]Ingus> getting somethong to eat
#478 (1)
Posted by Om @ 2005-03-13 21:50:42
(21:48:32)(+mmind) ratio down to 2.7!
(21:48:34) *mmind cries like a little girl.
(21:48:39)(@Om) lol
(21:48:52)(+mmind) it's no laughing manner
(21:49:02)(+mmind) my bot's ratio is a reflection of my manhood
(21:49:10)(%Ordie) lol
(21:49:12)(+Mr_Sorry_of_Balmora) lol
(21:49:25)(%Ordie) you must be one heck of a man to have a ratio of 2.7
(21:49:25)(@Om) ;D
(21:49:27)(%General_Crespin) O_o
(21:49:32)(%Ordie) girl
(21:49:32) * General_Crespin screams.
(21:49:33) * mmind nods sagely.
(21:49:35)(@Om) Pete has 6.something :D
(21:49:49)(@Pete) B)
(21:49:54)(%Ordie) He must have chest hair by now uhm?
#220 (1)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 19:15:24
<Togy> it started getting dirty again when i came back
<Togy> but, well, i stoped talking :p
<Ib3N> you have that effect togy
<Ib3N> when everyone see's you, they get dirty and filthy thoughts
<ol> hardly
<Ib3N> who wouldnt be, seeing a cow named togy go m00
<Togy> ;)
<Togy> Moo!
<ol> unless you mean those of ritual murder and torture
<xmonic> lol
* Togy pounces on ol
<ol> argh... gettimoff, gettimoff!
<ol> quick!
* Togy moo's in ol's ear
<xmonic> lol
<ol> ARGH!
<ol> xmon: wiggle your bum at him, it'll distract him long enough for me to escape :)
<xmonic> oki
* xmonic wiggles her bum at Togy, the turns around and flashes her tits
* Togy watches xmonic
<xmonic> lol
* ol runs for the hills
* Togy wipes his chin with a tissue
#872 (-2)
Posted by AwgMotH @ 2006-08-07 10:32:19
[11:25:13] <Radia> Bernie, just how many side-projects do you have, and many side-project involves someone from this chatroom?
[11:27:59] <Bernhammer> hehe, a lot
[11:28:07] <Bernhammer> and a lot of them involve...Zlandicar, really :D
<AwgMotH> took a long time to come to that answer
<Bernhammer> was doing other stuff D:
<Radia> Bernhammer is a busy mang.
<Bernhammer> busy hating on womangs
<Bernhammer> for not sexxing him
#608 (-1)
Posted by Olli @ 2005-07-18 20:12:57
<Brain> at last, i can irc while i take a CRAP