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#36 (-2)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 17:45:36
<Rebs> my cats enjoy mine vibrating
#1253 (7)
Posted by goose @ 2008-04-25 01:03:49
<goose> there are two kinds of jokes in the world, the ones that people just say "lol" to and the funny ones
<dz> lol
<goose> you bastard
#374 (2)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-12-23 19:56:55
[20:56] <[OPA]spaceRaptor> well i had my kock today
[20:56] <Fin> whatever sR
[20:56] <[OPA]spaceRaptor> oh wait
[20:56] * [OPA]spaceRaptor starts shaking a big tree
[20:56] <rilla> *rooster or rooster
[20:56] <rilla> that's what you mean, right?
[20:56] <Fin> if you would see how im sitting/lying in front of the pc, you wouldnt wonder about the typos ...
[20:56] <rilla> eh :P
[20:56] * [OPA]spaceRaptor watches rilla fall out
[20:56] <Brain> [19:56] <[OPA]spaceRaptor> well i had my kock today
[20:57] <Brain> your KOCK????
[20:57] * [OPA]spaceRaptor puts claw at ear *BAM*
[20:57] <[OPA]spaceRaptor> oh
[20:57] <[OPA]spaceRaptor> that too
[20:57] <Brain> lol
[20:57] <Fin> lol
[20:57] <[OPA]spaceRaptor> but i meant kick
#282 (3)
Posted by Beer @ 2004-11-01 12:31:41
* Ib3N calls his mum to find out if cinnamon has twigs..
<coco> there anything suckier? bbl
coco ([email protected]) Quit ([CS] Quit: happiness is a warm cookie :))
<Ib3N> hahaha.. It wasnt cinnamon
<Beer> what was it?
<Ib3N> she said she'd got the same letter, and its not edible
<Beer> lol... but you ate it anyway
<Ib3N> Its a scent thingy to put on the oven, so that you get a cinnamon smell in the house
* Ib3N ate it
<Ib3N> lol
#1345 (0)
Posted by Brad_R @ 2009-09-01 06:49:46
<wolfbot> You're a harlot! You can sleep with one member of the village at night so they know you are innocent.
<Brad_R> sleep w00t
wolfbot [[email protected]] has quit IRC: [CS] Quit: AttributeError: ("WolfBot instance has no attribute 'sleep'",)
Wolf/Harlot/sleep failure :(
Was looking forward to sleeping with w00t.
#404 (4)
Posted by Togy @ 2005-01-06 19:04:21
[19:04] <Togy> quit it
[19:04] * Craig sets mode: +v Togy
[19:04] <Togy> or i'll break chan rules :p
[19:04] <Craig> did someone say quit? :D
[19:04] <Togy> again
[19:04] <Craig> blank the fuck up
[19:04] <[OPA]Garak> lol
[19:04] <Craig> err
[19:04] <Craig> wait

Taken in #chatspike with the PG13 rating ^^
#1086 (1)
Posted by Majic @ 2007-02-18 03:32:03
[19:30:33] <Majic> I mean, big means something to grab onto. Muscular means Lowie. And TAN means hawt. :p
[19:30:57] <Karate|Away> but butts are made of muscle
[19:30:59] <[KoYc]Lowlife> I'm not muscular
[19:31:20] <[KoYc]Lowlife> but I made treesas hand hurt by flexing my butt
[19:31:22] <[KoYc]Lowlife> :p
[19:31:27] <Majic> ahaha
#1502 (1)
Posted by grapey @ 2010-02-08 00:13:54
<Gaileh> How's everyone doing tonight
<goose> bacon
<Gaileh> Awesome
#1538 (2)
Posted by goose @ 2010-06-28 00:26:45
<%Tiny_Plastic_SnoFox> No XChat!
<%Tiny_Plastic_SnoFox> Bad XChat!
<%Tiny_Plastic_SnoFox> I'm SnoFox, not tiny and plastic!
* Tiny_Plastic_SnoFox is now known as SnoFox
<@goose> X-Chat is ftw
<@goose> now you shuddup snofox
<%SnoFox> No you shuddup snofox
<%SnoFox> Imean goose
<@goose> good fail, SnoFox. good fail.
#1736 (0)
Posted by Olli @ 2013-04-13 21:22:04
[22:20:39] <SpeedWacer> I am really thirsty
[22:20:50] <SpeedWacer> I must be dehydrated from all the drinking I did this week