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Posted by jackmcbarn @ 2008-09-25 16:12:14
* Netsplit: *.net <-> *.split, quits: Defender
* Defender ([email protected]) has joined #chatspike
* V||||| ([email protected]) has quit: Killed (Defender (You have a scan score of 10 and are possibly an automated virus drone. Please read the following page for details of the scoring system and how to avoid this in the future:
Did an oper mess with Defender just so it would /KILL someone? Or was this a coincidence? The mysteries of ChatSpike....
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Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 18:48:07
LeperMessiah: hmm i have cucumber on my ass =/
ScrollLock: yeah, we know LeperMessiah ...
Dr_Kevorkian enters #winbot
ChanServ sets mode +oa Dr_Kevorkian Dr_Kevorkian
SoloFlock: [Dr_Kevorkian] when bring crack come high
LeperMessiah: oh you do ?
ScrollLock: yup
nathanhart: Why do you have vegtables in your bum?
LeperMessiah: ;D
nathanhart: Or do you have vegtables growing from your bum?
nathanhart: If so you might want to get that looked at
im a vegitarian but this is just too much!
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Posted by goose @ 2009-10-05 20:22:56
<goose> always shooting me down
* goose cries
<Shawn> After you get the surgery, maybe.
<Shawn> but not before.
* Shawn isn't into guys
<goose> did Shawn just admit having a fetish for post-op transvestites?
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Posted by w00t @ 2005-08-23 08:20:32
[17:22:23] <+Sporks> well, an asshole is nice :)
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Posted by DarkLiege @ 2005-07-02 08:40:32
<@Craig> soon (tm)
<@Craig> The word 'soon' is a registered trademark of hereby referred to as Zedd And Scan Inc, a wholly owned subsidary of 'when we can be arsed' enterprises
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Posted by w00t @ 2009-08-11 16:07:24
08/[email protected]:55:19 <#chatspike/+Lowlife> hmm
08/[email protected]:55:24 <#chatspike/+Lowlife> you want me to type what?
08/[email protected]:55:38 <#chatspike/+Lowlife> :p
08/[email protected]:55:38 <#chatspike/+X-Ception> a guide on avoiding irc perverts

Poor Lowie... :(
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Posted by Patrick @ 2005-08-09 15:45:41
[15:20:29] <Hmzaniac> <sigwerk> windows VISTA, an acronym
[15:20:30] <Hmzaniac> <sigwerk> Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans, and Adware
[15:20:35] <Beer> lmao
[15:20:46] <STFW> hahaha
[15:20:48] <STFW> its so true
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Posted by goose @ 2009-09-09 20:59:16
<wolfbot> A new game has begun! Please wait, assigning roles...
<wolfbot> Darkness falls: it is NIGHT. The whole village sleeps peacefully... Everyone relax and wait for morning... I'll tell you when night is over.
<wolfbot> DAY Breaks! Sunlight pierces the sky. The village awakes in horror... to find the mutilated body of W00T!!
<wolfbot> *** Examining the body, you notice that this player was a WEREWOLF!
<wolfbot> The wolves are dead! The VILLAGERS have WON.
<wolfbot> The game has ended.
<calamari> wth...
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Posted by Minion @ 2012-03-14 19:08:00
[03:11:23] -Notice- {from Global} [Network Notice] Majic (|) - Happy day!
[03:11:41] Minion gnaws on Majic
[03:11:58] <&Majic> slathers raspberries over Minion and starts licking
[03:11:58] <&Majic> >8D
[03:12:04] <Minion> :o
[03:12:12] <&Majic> It's okay
[03:12:15] <&Majic> I have experience
[03:12:26] Minion sticks a strawberry pocky in Majic's mouth
[03:12:35] <&Majic> I was not expecting "mouth"
[03:12:36] <&Majic> but yay :D
[03:12:38] <+Cavan> :/
[03:12:42] <Minion> haha
[03:12:43] <&Majic> his fault :x
[03:12:48] <+Cavan> you're both to blame
[03:12:51] <+Cavan> naughty bunnies
[03:13:00] <&Majic> noms on the le pocky and teh le Minion :D
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Posted by goose @ 2009-05-12 00:11:48
<Brain> one thing i wish i could do though is lip read
<Brain> its a damn useful skill to have even when you can hear
<Doc> lip reading takes a lot of patience
<Doc> as does not beating mimes to death :)