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Posted by Olli @ 2008-07-07 20:29:48
<GayPenguin> who else is a spy? please get naked
<Tim> hi
<Tim> im nude
<Tim> now what
<Tim> how big is it
<GayPenguin> now stay like that please
<goose> O.o
<Tim> want to cyber
<Tim> asl
<goose> you two get a /query
<GayPenguin> we can cyber when i can be sure you wont tape this to publish on YouTube

who needs youtube, nowadays? :D
#1606 (4)
Posted by Tarwen @ 2011-05-20 15:37:35
<Duck> aww fuck yea vacuums
<Duck> how do they work
<Tarwen> They suck lol
<Duck> LOL
<Shawn> o.o
#1179 (2)
Posted by Bricker @ 2007-09-13 04:19:25
<eggy> 6697 is supposed to be on SSL too.
<Bricker> its not
<Bricker> its plaintext
* Bricker checks config
<Bricker> eggy: <bind address="" port="6697" type="clients" ssl="gnutlsssl">
<Bricker> its cuz you fail at specifying ssl
<Bricker> its just "gnutls"
<Bricker> not "gnutlsssl"
<Adremelech> ROFL
<Adremelech> fail xD
<eggy> lolz
<eggy> whoops
#561 (1)
Posted by Ib @ 2005-05-24 15:38:46
mai 24 07:53:36 * Ib runs off to work, late again
mai 24 07:55:15 <King_of_Dragons> you work early :P
mai 24 07:55:51 <Rigo> he has to get to the ship yards
mai 24 07:55:54 <Rigo> hes a viking you see
mai 24 07:55:59 <Rigo> he lives in Norway
mai 24 07:56:33 <King_of_Dragons> aha
mai 24 07:56:44 <King_of_Dragons> i wanna work at the shipyard
mai 24 07:57:30 <Rigo> move to norway and build viking boats
mai 24 07:57:40 <Rigo> im not sure if they have a special name or not...
mai 24 07:57:50 <Rigo> we will have to ask Ib when he gets to work
#417 (2)
Posted by Olli @ 2005-01-10 21:19:16
<Crystal> are you shy ollie?
<ol> if he is, the rest of us are fucked

#1171 (4)
Posted by Aristeo @ 2007-08-09 07:32:19
[01:28] <&Kittwen> rofl! The game dinged and he jumped up and was like "Yo!!!"
[01:29] <+Andres> :O
[01:29] <+Sanity> Game?
[01:29] <+Sporks> i heard Game was actually mostly text.
[01:29] <+Sanity> I Lost the Game.
[01:29] <+Sanity> Still loseable.
[01:29] <+Sanity> Wait
[01:29] <+Sanity> You're Sporks.
[01:30] <@Aristeo> And that's going up on QuoteSpike
#1686 (-3)
Posted by Lowlife @ 2012-08-02 16:52:23
[17:33] <+ed> fuck it ima pull it out
[17:44] <+ed> ahhhh, thats better
#1584 (1)
Posted by flaxious @ 2011-03-25 01:21:22
<Noy> may i ask, do you need a cd to create an irc network?
<Kottizen> cd?
<Kottizen> like a disc?
<Noy> NOTE: Before you start:
<Noy> - You should first change dir (cd) to the location you want them to be installed i
<Noy> thats what it said
<Kottizen> lol.
#318 (0)
Posted by mcrilly @ 2004-11-18 22:18:41
<Managore> Heh.. All I ever drink is cock and fanta.
<Managore> FUCK
<Apocalypse> !!!ROFLMAO!!! ..Freudian slip eh??
<Managore> NO
<Managore> FUCK
<Managore> SHIT
<Managore> FUCK
<Managore> FUCK
#1730 (5)
Posted by doll_licca @ 2013-01-22 05:35:39
[23:06] <Duck> my cat is going crazy
[23:06] <Duck> halp
[23:06] <Curly> crazy?
[23:06] <Duck> she's inside of the box and the box is MOVING at substantial speeds
[23:07] * Notling is now known as Notling|
[23:07] <Duck> it just jumped from one side of the room to the other
[23:07] <Curly> lol
[23:07] <Duck> like, the entire box left the ground
[23:07] <Duck> and uh
[23:07] <Duck> she just got fixed on monday last week
[23:07] <Duck> lol
[23:07] <taza> Your cat is working as intended. Closing bug report.