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#751 (-1)
Posted by Karate @ 2006-03-10 03:29:13
<Karate|AFK> i open the package, and it was not properly sealed, ahdda cutto ff some n throe iw out
<Star> ah
* Star mourns the lost swiss.
<Karate|AFK> wow that was ha horribly typed sentence, same with this one, gettin ahead of ysehlf and my letters gettin all in hte wrong plaes
<Karate|AFK> i think together those are the worst two sentences ive ever tyepd
#1042 (-2)
Posted by ed @ 2006-12-26 08:21:00
[08:17:05] <Majic> OMGOMGOMG
[08:17:13] <Majic> I was playing Halo..and I think I met a pedophile!
[08:17:41] <Majic> So we were playing, right? And all of a sudden, this guy goes...
[08:17:47] <Majic> "WHO HAS MYSPACE?"
[08:17:50] <Majic> "I DO!!!"
[08:18:00] <Majic> And then he asked for everyone to add him as a friend.
[08:18:05] <Majic> And then he's like...
[08:18:12] <Majic> "WHO HAS AIM?"
[08:18:15] <Majic> "I DO!!!"
[08:18:23] <Majic> And he did that for like 4 other IM clients!
[08:18:23] <ed> rofl
[08:18:44] <Majic> It was hella creepy!!1 Everyone was adding him and he was asking for more info every second!
#391 (1)
Posted by Ishamael @ 2005-01-03 14:01:12
[14:45:39] <Ish|aweh> [14:42:45] * Dr_Kev locks Baboon and rilla in a cage to procreate <---- now we know why baboons have red asses
#1109 (0)
Posted by Cung_le @ 2007-04-19 17:03:34
[17:57:56] <Riv_Griffen> my cum tastes good no matter what :P
[17:58:10] <Riv_Griffen> the other day I shot myself in the eye though :(
[17:58:15] * Riv_Griffen knows how chicks must feel now
#1345 (0)
Posted by Brad_R @ 2009-09-01 06:49:46
<wolfbot> You're a harlot! You can sleep with one member of the village at night so they know you are innocent.
<Brad_R> sleep w00t
wolfbot [[email protected]] has quit IRC: [CS] Quit: AttributeError: ("WolfBot instance has no attribute 'sleep'",)
Wolf/Harlot/sleep failure :(
Was looking forward to sleeping with w00t.
#27 (1)
Posted by Brain @ 2004-10-31 17:43:53
(17:06:09) * @RD thumps cow, hugs coma and waves to maloo
(17:06:09) <@RD> o/
(17:06:14) <%Ricky> :(
(17:06:16) <+Maloo> Bye bye.
(17:06:28) <%Ricky> i try be nice
(17:06:37) <+Maloo> Heh.
(17:06:44) <%Ricky> and all i get is a yjump
(17:06:52) * RD ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
(17:07:10) <%Ricky> hope he gets hit by a car on the way to work
(17:07:19) <+Maloo> lol
(17:07:33) <%Ricky> then the car reverses back over him
(17:07:36) <%Ricky> steals his pants
(17:07:45) <%Ricky> and leaves him to die
#1303 (1)
Posted by goose @ 2009-01-27 20:31:02
<ol> my question still stands though
<goose> what question?
<ol> are you done working, or do we need to make sure you don't idle here when you should be working? :p
<w00t> o.o
<goose> lol
<goose> I'm taking a lunch break, I'm halfway done
* w00t looks somewhat confused
<ol> "If you see goose being active, ask him if he's finished his work for the day. If he hasn't, yell at him." <-- #chatspike
<goose> w00t, topic of #ChatSpike
<w00t> oic
<w00t> i yell at goose anyway because it's fun
<w00t> so nothing changes there
* goose cries and quotespikes
<w00t> :-)
#1785 (1)
Posted by Anne-Gwenn @ 2015-09-24 20:00:52
20:58:53 <+Katze> I don't think I've ever stopped chatting on here just because I had a girlfriend
20:59:02 <+Katze> but I can only barely remember the last time I had a girlfriend D:
20:59:18 < Anne-Gwenn> Katze: and now you're happy with both your boyfriend and your car!
20:59:29 <+Katze> I what?
20:59:29 <+Sporks> someone said I what is this i don't even'd.
20:59:30 <%SpeedWacer> I just chat while I'm at my desk
20:59:36 * Tommy snorts
20:59:39 <%SpeedWacer> And whenever I actually have something to say
20:59:41 <+Tommy> embrace it, Katze
20:59:46 <+Katze> Tbh my car is the closest thing to a partner I have D:
#1452 (-1)
Posted by Buck @ 2009-12-14 06:14:28
* +Stealth sticks his comma in Karina
<+Stealth> >.>
<+Karina> O_o
<+Karina> ummmmmmmmmmmmmm..... *steps away*
#1 (2)
Posted by ol @ 2004-11-13 22:24:17
[3Sins] Tatsyrup I WILL NOT look at your PM I dont wanna know what u rub suck or pinch now