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Posted by FrostyCoolSlug @ 2005-05-10 00:29:42
[00:04] <Token> i'd like to sue the chatspike for being too sharp..
[00:04] <Yeti> injury, copyright, or other?
[00:04] <Token> it cut my finger :(
00:04] <Token> emotional destress, and about 500 grand for the embarassment..
[00:04] <Yeti> we would like to counter-sue you for blood staining our chatspike, signed the ChatSpike legal team
[00:05] <Token> okay, lets settle it then
[00:05] <Token> lets say.. $5,000 ?
[00:05] <Yeti> we claim emotional distress plus 600 grand for cleaning, polishing, re-sharpening and rebrandishing in solid kryptonite
[00:05] * Token drops the suit
[00:06] * Yeti celebrates his second successful countersuit in the name of The ChatSpike Legal Team