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Posted by smokeala @ 2004-11-14 15:45:13
<NoMorePie> [ Question 30, INSANE ROUND! ] Things you would find in the newspaper (10 answers)
<tarun> editorials
<CloudStrife> news
<Jordy> articles
<tarun> obituaries
<ReeFeR> sentences
<Jordy> sports
<tarun> pictures
<Jordy> cartoons
<CloudStrife> words
<ReeFeR> photographs
<tarun> comics
<ReeFeR> articles
<tarun> text
<Jordy> adverts
<ReeFeR> caterns
<CloudStrife> crossword
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<tarun> advertisements
<Jordy> advertisement
<ReeFeR> article
<Magi> articles
<CloudStrife> paper
<tarun> ink
<CloudStrife> stories
<CloudStrife> news stories
<Magi> sport
<ReeFeR> miss^rints
<tarun> movie times
<NoMorePie> [ You have 20 seconds remaining! ]
<Magi> photographs
<ReeFeR> sport
<Magi> headlines
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<CloudStrife> we're amazing