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Posted by Ib @ 2004-11-08 10:07:54
<Namu> lets see...
<Namu> The typobox43 who shagged me
<Namu> The good, the bad and the Brain
<Namu> Saving private Craig
<Namu> Dr Kev. *hums the james bond theme*
<Ib3N> lol
<Namu> join in :P
<Dr_Kev> hmm
<Dr_Kev> I got one
<-- Namu ([email protected]) has left #chatspike
<Dr_Kev> finding Namu
<Dr_Kev> :P
<Ib3N> rofl
For those who dont know, svsadmins, like kev, can forcepart users from a channel.. ;)