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Posted by Olli @ 2004-11-14 01:57:20
<cobraR478> w00t
<cobraR478> i won
<Avengeful> hehehe
<grapey> told me what you were doing?
<Avengeful> racing me at masturbation
<grapey> um
<Avengeful> on webcam
<SirOlli> LOL
<Avengeful> he won though :(
<grapey> oy
<grapey> ya big tease
<cobraR478> i pwned him
<Avengeful> O:)
<Avengeful> LMAO
<Avengeful> ya he squirted all over the cam
<Avengeful> i was like DAMN! i was almost there too
<Avengeful> he had porn though, i only had a victorias secret catelog
<cobraR478> i take that crap seriously
<Avengeful> ya he ruled, damn
<grapey> you know i would love to put that up as a quote on chatspike but i'll refrain :p
<SirOlli> I think i will
<cobraR478> ill do it of you dont