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Posted by Anne-Gwenn @ 2015-09-24 20:00:52
20:58:53 <+Katze> I don't think I've ever stopped chatting on here just because I had a girlfriend
20:59:02 <+Katze> but I can only barely remember the last time I had a girlfriend D:
20:59:18 < Anne-Gwenn> Katze: and now you're happy with both your boyfriend and your car!
20:59:29 <+Katze> I what?
20:59:29 <+Sporks> someone said I what is this i don't even'd.
20:59:30 <%SpeedWacer> I just chat while I'm at my desk
20:59:36 * Tommy snorts
20:59:39 <%SpeedWacer> And whenever I actually have something to say
20:59:41 <+Tommy> embrace it, Katze
20:59:46 <+Katze> Tbh my car is the closest thing to a partner I have D: