Why ChatSpike?

There are thousands of IRC networks out there -- what makes ChatSpike different? Chatspike has many unique features which to our knowledge no other networks have and many features which originate here and are maintained best here on ChatSpike. These features include:

Customized services

ChatSpike has many custom services features, such as the integrated website you are using now. By using just your NickServ login, you can change your NickServ and ChanServ settings, and even edit channel access lists from within your web browser. We also provide the ability to read MemoServ memos, just like webmail!
One of ChatSpike's unique features is allowing all registered users to add personal descriptions to their /WHOIS. This is mainly for fun, but it lets you add a personal touch to your whois.

Customized security features for secure chatting

ChatSpike has customized security settings exclusively available on ChatSpike, which prevents the majority of virus bots, spam bots, and the like, meaning that you're less likely to click on a virus link on our network than just about any other IRC network. We are also the original creators of the IRC Defender which is used by hundreds of networks and keeps troublemakers and malicious activity at an extremely low level.

Load balancing

ChatSpike has automatic load balancing, meaning that if a server goes down, you will still be able to connect using the usual address (like irc.chatspike.net).

Unique communities

Last but certainly not least, ChatSpike has many unique communities, which exist only on ChatSpike and nowhere else. Such communities include the nin10doh forums gaming community, an active Elderscrolls community channel, the official WarCry and Escapist Magazine community IRC channel, and various developer channels for projects such as InspIRCd, Botnix and IRC Defender.