Keep your connection secure in mIRC
Please Note: This method will work with Windows Vista and should work with Windows XP/2000.

You will Need:

  1. mIRC Version 6.35 available here
  2. SSL DLL from here
  3. About 5 minutes of your time.

Connecting through SSL

Download the SSL library (C:\Program Files\mIRC and C:\Windows\System32 both work). Start mIRC up, go to Options and look under Server > Options. The SSL button should be enabled. You can also check if SSL is enabled by typing //say $sslready in a channel. If it resolves to $true, it is. Connect to the server with /server
You will get a Security Confirmation dialog box. Tick the 'Remember this decision for this server.' box, then click 'Yes', and you will be connected securely to the network.
If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact an Op (&) or helper (%) in #ChatSpike.