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A list of words that may confuse new IRC-ers


This page will feature various words and phrases that will appear all over the ChatSpike website, other help documents, and on IRC itself.

List of words appearing in other tabs on this page

Glob mask A glob mask provides users with the ability to match a large or small string, which is a necessity to IRC. The asterisk (*) will match any amount of any characters (read: The asterisk matches everything). The question mark will match only a single character. The glob mask "Sno?Fox" will match "SnowFox", "SnooFox", but not "SnoFox".
Ban mask A ban mask is a glob mask that match the full user identifier, [email protected]. Ban masks are created out of the information from the full user identifier to, usually ban, but take many actions on a user depending on it's use.
For example: the ban mask *!hans@*.chatspike.net will match [email protected] and [email protected]. Note, the exclamation point and at sign are usually necessary for a ban mask to match properly.