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Posted to #chatspike by FrostyCoolSlug @ 2014-11-19 16:47:56

Greetings Users,

In response to user requests and comments, Chatspike has undergone a bit of a change. We've upgraded Services and are introducing a re-written website. This comes with a lot of benefits for you guys with the services upgrade and while we're not up to feature parity with our old stuff yet, we feel like this is a great starting point to begin getting feedback from our users about what they'd like to see.

And without further ado, here's a quick run-down of the new shiny.

New Services

GameServ - While GameServ has existed hidden away in the past, it now includes a few new commands, including a magic eight ball and rock paper scissors. Old favourites like dice rolls are still available. If you have fantasy mode switched on a channel founder can configure gameserv to respond to !commands on a channel. Check out /cs help gameserv for info, and for a list of gameserv commands, use /msg gameserv help

GroupServ - Simply put, Groupserv helps manage groups of people. Groups can be public or private, but access lists can be manipulated to give behaviours for all users in a group. For example, anyone in the !chatspike group (it's open, join with /groupserv join !chatspike) will get auto-voice in #chatspike

RPGServ - A service for those who like role playing with their IRC. RPGServ allows you to define various settings for a channel which others can search for, allowing for RPG communities to form, and grow.

LoveServ - The less that's said about this return of a fan favourite, the better. /ls help. That is all.

Other Changes

CertFP Identification - This one has been requested a lot, we now allow people to automatically identify to services using their SSL fingerprint

Services Hostname Change - All services are now <ServiceName>@chatspike.net, note that if you have scripts you may need to update them.

And we're not done here, we're going to continue bringing new features and improvements to both the site and the network for the foreseeable future!

Thanks for being with us, and we hope you continue to enjoy using Chatspike!

Until next time, Frosty.

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