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Posted to #chatspike by w00t @ 2009-08-12 20:37:12

First, the important news: we're looking to modernise and update the text on our front page - and as a community driven network, the text is about you - our communities. If you have a community hosted by us that you would like mentioned on the ChatSpike website, please reply to this newspost with a bit of information about your community, what it is, and what channel you're in.


In other news, the website homepage (go over to and take a look) now has a newsfeed of all the happenings on the network. We will add RSS to this eventually, and the position is also not final (we're thinking of making it a ticker.)

Images post on the gallery were also added to the list of 'things that spam #chatspike', so if you're interested in nosing around what people look like, pop into #chatspike and keep an eye out. We don't bite.

(You may now also register your nickname on here, but I doubt any of you lot need that.)

Keep your eyes open for more changes!

-- ChatSpike Staff

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2009-08-12 20:39:24
08/12@20:31:02 <#chatspike/%grapey> hey, who says we don't bite???!!!! 08/12@20:31:03 <#chatspike/%grapey> lol Apparantly, at least one of us does. Sorry!
2009-08-12 23:30:37
Hmm, how about placing the news feed under the navigation menu? :) Just an idea.
2009-08-15 17:46:51
1. Round the lower left, right corners using css for that 'oohh' effect. 2. While only a minor change it does oddly seem to come across better - rather than have time of post, use posted ago i.e Posted 1 week, 3 days ago. Also avoids cross commenting old posts! 3. Report abuse and contact us on near everypage - both goto the same link - needless ? 4. Basic sitemap(s) would be nice! 5. Allow basic HTML formatting ul, ol, li, strong, code, br, p, em 6. Fix annoying link) bug 7. allow basic poll management, enable, disable, lock, editing 8. polls allows to many options off the bat, allow 2-5 by default then use ajax to allow an 'add new option' button 9. Clean up the code! 10. Fix whatever sign it is other than dollar on the shop ( i assume pounds?) 11. change lazy description on items to use list items not lazy IRC * list item 12. Donate buttons usually go at the top of the page rather than at the bottom. 13. web irc page would be better suited offering rules / help / quotes - nobody cares who the opers are =P 14. quotespike - bigger +/- buttons or graphics instead page over complicated i.e Quote contains: could have a tickbox aside saying 'does not contain' since its not a query building search system (filtering) it could/should (imho) be simpler 16. The stats are kinda 1990's 17. (what is irc) should prob be in the help section - with a reference to it from the homepage introduction 18. on the network rules page the last updated is bigger than the rule text - in most normal cases this would be the same size or smaller either right or left aligned! 19. search engine friendly urls would go along way; i.e its easier to remember and 20. gallery - the headers are kinda repeating: Viewing images for blah - then below that Images uploaded by blah ... er huh 21. description box for gallery could be bigger enough to allow say 255 - 360 chars - more as found to follow - depending on abuse given to above :D
2009-08-15 19:07:11
I looked over (IRC Software) and see its a touch outdated (again imho) so i would suggest the following changes: 1. BersIRC - Comes highly recommended by all who use it <- kinda dormant! - i suggest replacing with a semi-open source client HydraIRC - very lightweight, 2. XIRCON - A simple, streamlined lightweight IRC client <- been dead years, perhaps DMDirc (had to! sorry w00t) or similar. ( 3. Rhapsody - An ncurses-based console IRC client <- dormant, perhaps EPIC ? 4 BitchX - A colourful console-based IRC client <- in restructuring for..ages perhaps WeeChat ? ( )or even ScrollZ ? ( ) 5. damn mac abuse! 6. IRCLE - Probably the most popular IRC client for MacOS <- not anymore, Colloquy or LimeChat are both excellent MODERN and OPEN SOURCE! clients which surpass ircle, tho it is in redevelopment and still shareware :( 7. AthenaIRC - A simple clean IRC client <- comes with a free license now as its author has dropped it, suggest the two above or Linkinus (but its shareware :( ) .. i have loads of client links with a decent knowledge of who and what is active within them if needed - but if your wanting just a brief list then the above is decent enough :)
2009-08-17 21:11:39
Ok so page bugs.... Following pages have a broken home link under the login part... Staff. points to Gallery. points to Policy, Services, What is IRC?, Connecting, Security, Why Chatspike? all point to Settings. points to Messages. Points to spot the picture? Open Proxies link loads some blank page. Any pages that start my.chatspike the /webchat/ link wont work: Not Found The requested URL /webchat/ was not found on this server. Thats it think for now.
2009-12-06 18:12:52
Can you add a Favorite Quotes section to QuoteSpike so that users may make their own list of favorite quotes?
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