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Posted to #chatspike by w00t @ 2009-08-12 11:52:01

We recently announced that we were looking for staff -- we expected a response, but your response completely blew us all away!

Thanks for all your applications, we appreciate them - we are now currently closed for new staff positions (so don't send any more applications).

We will go through remaining applications that have not received a response and respond to them over the following week -- if you haven't got in yet, don't give up hope: you still might.

Thanks again! ChatSpike Staff

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2009-08-12 11:56:14
Oh well, good luck to the applicants. One can dream. x)
2009-08-12 12:11:41
Dream of me, you mean. >8D *runs*
2009-08-12 12:12:34
Of you, and your spider-man like senses for detecting bots of course. >:) <3
2009-08-12 12:14:43
F15R7 P05T!!!!!1!!1!!1!!11! Aww damn...nvm.
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