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Posted to #chatspike by w00t @ 2009-08-10 23:13:54

We got bored. That's usually a dangerous thing. In this case, however, it had a good result!

Polls (see ) now send a message to the channel(s) that are associated with them when they are created, or people vote.

News posts (what you're reading now) already do the same things.

We intend to keep on introducing nice things like this for channel owners, so, keep your eyes tuned.

In the meantime, I'd like to encourage you all to stop being lazy, and go to - and vote your little hearts out.

Thanks! ChatSpike Staff

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2009-08-11 13:59:19
Testing commentse.
2009-08-11 14:04:13
Test passed :)
2009-08-12 09:26:36
commentse? is that like goatse but for comments? :>
2009-08-12 11:48:16
Keep your filth to yourself, mister. :p
2014-11-27 16:35:55
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