Services Switchover Date
Posted to #chatspike by w00t @ 2008-06-02 01:04:51

Okay, I promised details would follow soon, so here they are.

Unless things change, we'll be switching Services packages on the 23rd of this month (June).

This means you will have an (estimated) hour's of Services downtime on that day, probably less - assuming things go to plan, which they rarely do :).

What can you do to help: First of all, read the last post - and connect to the test network, make sure things you use are working, tell us about things you want in comments on here, etc.

We could also use some people to help write documentation, so if you've some spare time... :)

For any questions or comments - please don't hesitate. This change will take time and patience, and does involve some differences, so the sooner you test things out and talk to us - the less surprises will be in store :)

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