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Just a short post - we're looking at doing some work on the Services ChatSpike provides to you all - that is, NickServ, ChanServ, et cetera.

In the spirit of community involvement, I'd like to ask you all what things you might like to see in the future to make things better, easier, or more unique / nice for you.

Be as wild or out-there as you like, even if it sounds complex or unmanageable... We might just do something about it.

Please, keep all ideas to comments on this post, but feel free to come have a chat with me in #chatspike (or wherever) about the feasibility or details of your idea.

Thanks guys!

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2008-05-28 04:26:03
Well I had the user-accounts-tied-to-NickServ-registration idea "myself" (YOU STOLEZ IT! :P), so I can't suggest that, but I can suggest a little idea that I plan to integrate w/ my own network sometime soon: extended ACTIONs. This is something perfect for a services daemon to support, and here's how it works It has two 'EL MAJERO' caveats: #1, this will not support PMs, and #2 the target channel must be -n. Yes, this epically fails... client bugs/issues/"er what was that?!?!?"/extreme violation of standards aside... maybe you could rewrite half the server to remove #2, and maybe implement the "hack" as a channel mode :P 1. User downloads script that implements /me'll, /me's /me'd etc, 2. They can now send for example /me'll brb, when they do this their command gets sent to a specific nick as follows: user PRIVMSG XACTION :1 'd #channel test + 'user' is the username + 'XACTION' is a nickname that listens for these eXtended ACTIONs + 1 is both the start of a perfectly normal PRIVMSG as well as the access level (discussed below) + access level 1 allows a fixed set of extensions that get added onto the end of your nick, 'd is the one we want + #channel ... self-explanatory + 'test' (and whatever else): the message to appear after the nick 3. Upon recipt of this message, the services server generates CONNECT (or equivalent, typically NICK), PRIVMSG and QUIT messages all at once 4. the user's message appears as eg.: <dav7> hmm * dav7'll brb 5. :D User accounts - why? + Access levels, just as in ChanServ or NickServ, control what a user may or may not be able to do; for this, access level 1 limits you to a set list of nick extensions, so limiting can be applied to users that abuse this service. + Access level 800 (for example) could allow the user to add characters before and after a string that may only be their nickname but may not contain a contiguous (or partially contiguous) string of characters that combines to form another user's nickname. Example: user PRIVMSG XACTION :999 (nickname ...blah blah blah...) which would appear as eg.: *discussion of an interesting idea* <dav7> heh, let me make that the topic of my channel * (dav7 is too lazy to write a note :P) + Other access levels, such as level 999, would let you do whatever you want, and would only be given to dav7 (j/k :P) and the 40 year old IRC veterans =P Well that's my $0.02. Yes, it has some major issues that may prove unusable (read: -n + popular channel == KABOOMFLOOD), but it's a fun idea that smaller channels will probably love. -dav7
2008-05-28 04:26:37
Augh, my nice indenting failed. >.> *hints at bugreport* -dav7
2008-06-13 04:12:39
Although I don't entirely know a lot about it, is botserv a possibility?
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