InspIRCd on ChatSpike and Keyed Channels
Posted to #chatspike by w00t @ 2006-03-29 02:24:08

As you all may have noticed, we are now running InspIRCd on ChatSpike.

We have experienced a few teething problems, such as a server crash or two, but things seem to be running smoothly.

One outstanding issue that seems to affect a number of users is that of keyed channels - this was recently fixed, but we have not yet restarted the server software for this.

If your channel is keyed (/mode #chan +k somekey) - or a key is set by /cs set mlock - your channel, and people in it - will NOT be seen by ChanServ.

You will either be told the channel does not exist, or that user 'x' is not in that channel.

To remedy this, remove the key (/mode #chan -k) - and preferably mlock it off (/cs set #chan mlock -k), and get everyone to rejoin (need not be straight away, but eventually).

This should fix any problems you will encounter.

As a replacement for setting a channel key, we recommend you use /cs set #chan restricted - which will kick/ban any users not on the channel access list when they attempt to join.

User Comments

2006-03-29 02:26:32
As a further note, this has been fixed already, but won't be fixed on the live network until the next upgrade of the server software. Thanks! :)
2006-04-03 06:50:00
i dont like this, i will not turn the password off (that is an security lack to my private channel) i will just have to live with that till the new update.
2006-04-05 15:04:33
Is user protection (+a) not working?
2006-04-05 15:23:21
@ Naturalbornhippy: Not having services know about people on your channel (and therefore be able to enforce akicks, etc) is more insecure. Added to this is the fact that using SET RESTRICTED means that everyone can use their nickserv pass, much less chance of someone accidentally pasting the password to a channel, etc. Blurb, can you please provide some more details as to what you mean? Thanks :)
2006-04-06 02:14:42
I've just noticed that now, even if you have +a, you can still be kicked without being deprotected first.
2006-04-10 04:39:46
This is by design. +q/a users can kick +a users. +o users cannot kick +a users.
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