InspIRCd Trial move!
Posted to #chatspike by Brain @ 2006-03-04 15:29:03

On the 25th March, we will finally be moving to using InspIRCd as our server software ( Please note that this is a trial move and in the event that the world ends (or ChatSpike explodes, which we doubt will happen) we will be able to temporarily revert back to Unreal while we fix it.

Thank you for flying ChatSpike :)

User Comments

2006-03-04 15:34:12
How (if at all) will this change affect the average user?
2006-03-04 15:42:46
You'll notice extra features for starters: Extra modes Extra commands You will also notices less disruption when there are network issues (like recently when hosts have not been resolving).
2006-03-04 15:47:07
Here is one of my favourite examples: [15:40] * D[a] is listening to: [Drowning Pool - Step Up.mp3] [My MP3] [15:43] * D[a] is listening to: [Drowning Pool - Tear Away.mp3] [My MP3] [15:43] * D[a] is listening to: [Eminem - Low, Down, Dirty(Unreleased).mp3] [My MP3] [15:44] --- Brain sets modes [#inspircd +g .mp3] .... mmmm, silence
2006-03-05 19:11:41
This is gonna be really nice!
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