The InspIRCd Move..
Posted to #chatspike by FrostyCoolSlug @ 2006-02-06 00:09:48

Three years have passed since we set out on this mammoth of a task, to create our own custom IRCd software for ChatSpike, and as i write this, the initial stage of 'Final Testing' has begun! Opers, helpers and developers are all gathering as we work on building a 'dummy' network for the users to take a look at and play with. A list of funky features will appear when we open it up to everyone, but it's exciting times for chatspike and it's staff :) If you wanna check out the new software, check out as well as it's features, and modules :)

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2006-02-06 15:53:53
Yay, great to see that ChatSpike is *finally* moving over, [deity] knows it's taken long enough to get this far :P Keep up the good work everyone :)
2006-02-06 15:58:31
well, I for one am looking forward to learning a whole new set of commands. new ways to bane and boot people. suppose I better find more ways of helping but that takes longer
2006-02-06 15:59:21
2006-02-06 16:00:31
2006-02-06 16:02:26
We're just waiting on one final server to be bought up (nibbler.*), once its up we can start letting users on :)
2006-02-06 19:06:54
Testnet is up now! or port 5008 for ssl.
2006-02-06 22:19:02
2006-02-07 06:43:30
2006-02-07 06:44:20
First Chatspike... then the world. <cue Brain's evil laugh>
2006-02-09 18:02:35
my evil laugh is better :(
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