Server Downtime, 13th November 2005
Posted to #chatspike by Brain @ 2005-11-15 09:21:35

Hi everyone

As you no doubt noticed on sunday there was a significant issue with one of our servers ( which is now hopefully resolved. A full explaination of what happened (straight from the hosting provider's mouth) can be found here:

Please feel free to comment, and thank you for using ChatSpike!

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2005-11-15 09:30:57
Thats what you get for using *untested* critical hardware. I only feel sorry for everyone who lost customers who had their servers hosted at sago
2005-11-15 09:34:03
<[Brain]work> hopefully this will generate a lot of site comments :p wow it did to :o
2005-11-15 09:43:23
1 comment == a lot? :p
2005-11-15 10:07:25
Also thanks to Brain's new toy... it was alot less painful as it could have been. (Talking about the load balancer... not that one you borrowed from Ib3N which is on fire with spotlights, Janet Jackson and Angelina Jolie. You know what Im talking about)
2005-11-15 15:24:45
2005-11-15 15:55:34
yay for the load balancer saving us.
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