Blame Brain Day

Blame Brain 2008

The contest has drawn to an end, and we have our winners.
Including staff, we have:

  • 1st Place: SirOlli
  • 2nd Place: goose
  • 3rd Place: Magnus

  • However, staff are not allowed to win prizes, so excluding staff, our REAL winners are:
  • 1st Place: SirOlli
  • 2nd Place: Magnus
  • 3rd Place: Brodey/jackmcbarn (tied)

  • Final scores were:
    SirOlli - 11
    goose - 7
    Magnus - 6
    jackmcbarn - 4
    Brodey - 4
    FrostyCoolSlug - 3
    Majic - 2

    Sir Ollimus Maximus

    Happy Blame Brain Day 08! See you next year!


    The Origin

    Its Thursday October 28th 2004.. All users are chatting happily, opers discover new virus had started circulating on ChatSpike spamming random channels, Brain was assigned to clear these drones out - but no one could have anticipated what was about to happen.....

    <-- Herman has quit (User has been banned from ChatSpike (Possible litmus trojan))
    <-- Namu has quit (User has been banned from ChatSpike (Possible litmus trojan))
    <-- Pugz has quit (User has been banned from ChatSpike (Possible litmus trojan))
    <-- duckman has quit (User has been banned from ChatSpike (Possible litmus trojan))
    <-- basket has quit (User has been banned from ChatSpike (Possible litmus trojan))
    <-- typobox43 has quit (User has been banned from ChatSpike (Possible litmus trojan))

    A faulty ban mask matched every user on the network, causing them all to be disconnected with the 'Possible litmus trojan' message. For the first time in years, ChatSpike fell silent. The opers quickly started jumping at each other trying to work out what went wrong. We were forced to restart all our servers in an attempt to bring the network back. Once back, everyone was in a 'OMG WTF' state, people trying to draw their own conclusions about what happened to be interrupted by the following message:

    -Global- From Brain: Official Apology: We apologise for that previous hiccup, which we had to restart our servers to resolve. Blame for this lies entirely with my dodgy code

    Since this occasion, we have designated October the 28th 'Blame Brain Day', and it's become a network wide holiday and celebration, It also serves as a reminder to users that just because we may have power, all opers are still human and prone to screw ups.

    The Celebration

    Blame Brain day is once again upon us, and this year we are going to celebrate with a competition in which all the users can participate. We want you all to come up with funny images or movies which somehow implicate Brain at fault. There will of course be prizes for the most funny pics / vids:

    1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: The closing date for applications will be on the 26th of October, and the ChatSpike opers and Helpers will declare the top three entries on Blame Brain Day. This page will also contain a gallery of all entries.
    With Prizes as great as these, there are of course, a few rules which need to be followed: Remember, we will be looking more towards comical entries, not Photoshop / Editing skills, so fire up your favourite editors, and make the opers smile. When you're done, send your work as an attachment to [email protected], and we'll take a look at it.

    Just to get things started, Hart and Dr_Kev have both made preemptive entries, which should help give you some idea of the sort of things we are looking for. To view them, check the links below:
    Hart's Entry (WMV Version)
    Dr_Kev's Entry

    The Results

    Well, we've come to the end of the competition, and the votes have been counted. Before i give the final results, something to note. During the voting, we excluded yeti on the grounds he was a helper, although the rules state that helpers / oper are allowed to enter, we decided that it would be better if we could focus our prizes directly at the users. So, here is yetis superb submission, loved by all the opers and would probably have been a first place winner

    About the Scoring

    On the 26th, all 5 entries were passed to the opers / helpers, they were asked to pick which three they would award first, second and third places too. After 10 opers / helpers had voted, i then gave their first place person 3 points, 2nd place 2 points and third place 1 point, tallied up all the scores, and the person with the most won, simple as that.

    The Winners

    In First Place with 30 Points, SirOlli

    In Second Place, with 16 Points, r00t

    In third Place, with 9 Points, AngryMutantPenguin

    Runners Up

    Luigiman - 5 Points
    Taeglian - 0 Points

    Thanks to all, and cya next Year!