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ChatSpike - The Users Network!

ChatSpike - The Users Network

Welcome to the ChatSpike IRC Network!

Our network is a collection of many different communities, all of whom join in to socialise, have fun, and most importantly, to chat.

ChatSpike is called home by many communities both large and small, such as Anime-Empire, InspIRCd (our self-written IRCd package), the WarCry gaming community and many more Cool.

To find out more about what makes ChatSpike unique and exciting, please read the page "Why choose ChatSpike?"

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IPv6 and future ChatSpike development - Submit YOUR suggestion!
Posted by Brain on Fri 6th Jul 12
Greetings 'Spikers!

It is with great pleasure that i announce ChatSpike is now IPV6 enabled! Those of you who are lucky enough to have an IPV6 connection to the internet can now connect to irc.chatspike.net via that protocol, which currently will take you to stitch.chatspike.net.

This is to be the first in a set of changes to modernise and enhance Chatspike, but for all other features we are to add, we want YOUR feedback as users of the network.
Comment below on this news article and add your suggestions for what you would like to see on the network. These can be fixes to long-standing gripes, or little adjustments to make the place friendlier or more fun to use.
The most popular suggestions will be implemented where possible by our trusty coding slaves^H^H^H^H^Hbrain and w00t etc.

so, suggest away! Our future features lie in YOUR hands!
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Recent downtime
Posted by SnoFox on Sun 12th Feb 12
Greetings ChatSpike!

It is February 3rd. You were chatting along happily with your friends. Suddenly, you were disconnected. "What happened?" You wonder.

February 4th. You wake up to happily greet ChatSpike when you remember the server shutdown from the day before. Frantically, you booted your computer and tried to connect to ChatSpike. Unfortunately, still offline.

... Okay, maybe this might not be exactly what you did; however, the downtime explanation:

The downtime in question was caused due to a flaw in a separate piece of software that runs the same server as ChatSpike's IRC server.

The bug in our mail server software, Exim, allowed a spam script to abuse ChatSpike's mailserver to send spam e-mails off into the Internet. How sad that spam is actually a big, profitable business. Fortunately, we are able to report that all ChatSpike-related data is secure and un-touched; ChatSpike services were taken offline solely as a result of stopping the script from running and spreading.

As a result of this intrusion, we have taken precautions to prevent future exploits as well as improve ChatSpike's stability and reliability to better serve you, the users that make ChatSpike.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience the downtime may have caused; we know you need your daily dose of ChatSpike and we are still here, alive, and ready to give you your fix!

- SnoFox
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